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A few industries have increased in size dramatically over a relatively short period. The computer trade is an obvious one. And now so is the solar energy trade.

New manufacturers are appearing almost daily, new product innovations are announced just as fast, and existing products are ever more refined, improved, and lowered in price. It's an exciting time for the people involved in the various solar energy industries, and this heightened focus translates to better deals for the consumer, whether residential, commercial, government or other.people think of when they hear the term 'solar power' or 'solar energy' – typically they imagine solar electric panels on a roof converting sunlight into electricity.

While these 'photo voltaic' panels do represent a piece of the solar pie, many more solar-powered products and technologies utilizing the sun's energy now exist. One of the biggest is solar hot water, whether for residential or commercial the use of the sun's heat to warm a potable water supply instead of electricity is a very efficient method and truly cost-effective.

Solar HVAC systems, battery-backed off-grid systems, solar farms and more are at the forefront of the solar power world innovations, with more to come. Add this site to your Favorites to keep up with all the latest developments.